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We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of.

During your first visit, a dentist will review your dental and medical history. For diagnosis, dentist will examine your teeth and take X-rays of your mouth if required. From there, the dentist will explain any issues and help you choose options for treatment. 

As you enter our dental practice, our lovely receptionist will welcome you and ask you to fill out the New Patient Form.

What happens at your First Dental Visit?

  • Your dentist and dental assistant will introduce themselves and ask if you have any specific concerns or issues with your teeth, gums or appearance of your smile.

  • Next Dentist will assess the current condition of your teeth and gums.

  • Dentist will also take digital photographs of all your teeth to explain the current condition of your teeth.

  • Dr Singh may request that digital dental x-rays be taken of your teeth and gums during your check-up.

  • For more extensive treatment planning, the dentist may obtain study models of upper and lower teeth and/or digital photographs of your face and teeth.

  • As part of your ongoing dental maintenance program, your dentist may offer a scale and clean to remove tartar build-ups.

Accepted Funds: All funds which allow claiming through HICAPS are accepted.

Banyo Dental is a provider for NIB first choice and HCF More for teeth program.


We Bulk bill following services:

  • Dental Veteran Affairs DVA gold card,

  • Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme

  • Queensland Health Emergency and General care vouchers for eligible patients.

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