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Root Canal Therapy

Just the mention of this can send a shiver down even the hardiest dental patient but do not fear. On many occasions patients having root canal therapies fall asleep, that’s how uneventful they usually are.

When the pulp chamber and root canals become infected by bacteria or as a result of trauma, it becomes necessary to remove inflamed and dead tissue from this area to reduce pain and prevent further infection. After sufficient disinfection and cleaning procedures have been done, a rubber filling material is used to fill the root canal spaces. A crown may be necessary after completing a root canal therapy and we can provide you with advice as to what the best option is. In most cases, the costs of crowns will be included in your quote.

On occasion, root canal therapy may require a specialist treatment due to the complexity of the case. We will refer you to a specialist endodontist to ensure the best possible result.

Root canal therapies have a high rate of success however time is essential – delaying the treatment may limit the chances of success and could result in accelerating the loss of the tooth. Treatment failures can also result if a crown or protective restoration is not placed on a tooth, especially a back tooth, within a short time after completing the root canal treatment.