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Professional teeth whitening is faster, more effective, and longer lasting that treatments you find over the counter. As we age, our teeth darken over time. We can brighten your teeth by five to ten shades in a single session, but maintaining good oral hygiene and steering away from certain foods and beverages will help keep any future whitening services to a minimum. We may also prescribe some medication for you to use at home that helps the whitening process.


In-office Whitening

Patients seeking a brighter smile can consider tooth whitening as a reasonably non-invasive method. We can offer a one hour in-chair session, a take-home kit using custom-made whitening trays for your upper and lower teeth, and patients are welcome to consider doing both!

Tooth whitening treatments can cause tooth sensitivity and as such we do not advise this for patients already experiencing sensitivity in their teeth. In addition, any fillings, crowns or veneers on your front teeth will not lighten with your natural teeth. A full dental exam is strongly advised prior to any whitening treatment to ensure it is appropriate for you.

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

We also make take home teeth whitening trays. Take home teeth whitening trays are an effective and convenient way of using teeth whitening at home. Our dentist will check your teeth, take impressions to make trays and take home teeth whitening kit will be ready in 24 hours for you to pick up. For more information, please contact our staff on 32675473


Things to avoid:

  • Tobacco products

  • Coffee and tea

  • Red wine

  • Food coloring

  • Any bright-colored drinks

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